Introducing PlayIT! Fit & Fun Kids Camp

This summer, PlayIT! Multi-Sport Complex is seeking interested parents and conselors for a Fit & Fun Kids Camp for ages 6 thru 12. Our 35,000 Sqaure Foot Facility offers a tremndous amount of activities and sports, such as batting cages, sport courts, educational / sport simulators, air hockey, ping pong, billiards and more! 

Youth will be treated to four hours of activities hosted by counselors from around the area.  The camp will last from Monday, June 3rd to Friday, August 16th (with the exception of July 2nd, 3rd and 4th).

Ages 6 – 9
Ages 10 – 12
8am – 12pm  / 1pm – 5pm

(Limit – 1 Four-Hour Session Per Child Per Day)

Lunch can be provided at an additional cost.

Itineraries will be provided by counselors ahead of time.


$700 / Month Per Child 
$200 / Week Per Child (Does Not Include Food)
$60 / Day Per Child (Limited to 4 Hours Camp Time) 
$15 / Day for Meal (Supervised)

How to Register:

  1. Click Register Button above. Sign up with name, username and email first.
  2. Click “Relationships” tab to add your children.
  3.  Select “Add Your Child.”
  4. Type your child’s name or click “Add Child”.
  5. Review and hit “Submit.” Repeat for Additional Children.
  6.  Click “Buy” then Packages.”
  7. Under the “Packages For” tab, select child who you’re registering Fit&Fun Camp for.
  8.  Buy Preferred Fit&Fun Camp Package.
  9. Click “Book Sessions.”
  10. Apply Session to Date of Camp.
  11. Repeat for Additional Children!